me, me, me

  • I wish I was more embarrassed about watching the Jersey Shore. 
  • I have an irrational fear of fish out of water. 
  • I have a terrible time guessing other people’s heights (only because I lie about mine all the time). 
  • Oh, and most importantly?  I love quoting the following: LOTR movies, Strongbad e-mails, 30 Rock, SuperTroopers, and City Year PITWs.   Holler. 

About this blog

This blog was created to help me seek balance in life.  I can be very driven and focused; over-committed with extremely high expectations of myself and everyone around me.  Here’s hoping that this blog will keep me from downing that bottle of wine every night (oh, Charles Shaw, you make it so easy and affordable)  (also, dear concerned friends/family members–fear not, I don’t actually drink as much as I would like to or would allow myself to.  Have I mentioned my control issues?).

In short, I’m finding my way.


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