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coffee and wine

15 Apr

All I want to do is start my day with a gooood cup of coffee (a la Philz) and end it with a glass of Cab. That’s it.

Thank to all the drinking and unhealthy habits I’ve picked up during this whole admissions process (yes, I am choosing to blame the admissions process for this, and not my own lack of motivation), I’ve decided to do a two week detox.   My vanity, ego, and liver needs this detox.    So, after doing some ‘research’ online (research = google search), I found a detox/cleanse diet that I could actually see myself following for two weeks.  I mean, it’s called “A Food Lover’s Cleanse”.  Seriously. Continue reading


figuring it all out

12 Apr

So, for the most part, I feel like a MBA is the right path for me.   I’ve spent months defining why I need an MBA, why now is the right time, and why each of the programs I’ve applied is the only place that will help me in my future.    I know this.   I know this answer.

But, since I’ve gotten accepted into these programs, I’ve started to question a little the choice to go to business school.  The amount of debt that I would accrue seems insurmountable.  And the fact that I’m on the older end of the spectrum makes it seem like it may not be the best life choice.   I did some mental math yesterday (it turns out the math that I’m best at is seeing how old I am), and I’ll graduate with my MBA when I’m 31–assuming I can finish my dual degree in 2 years.  Then, the assumption would be that I would take a nice job somewhere and work for two years, putting me at 33, before I could realistically start a family.  Which is fine.  A lot of women are starting families later in life, and for the most part I feel okay about this.  I mean, there’s a part of me that’s always thought I’d have kids by the time I was 30, but clearly, it’s not going to happen (it’s not even on my 30 in 30 list).   And, when I look at my peers’ lives, on facebook or in person, a lot of us are in the same age-range and no closer to leading what I’ve always assumed to be “adult” lives.

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1 Apr

1) To add to my guilty pleasure of watching the Jersey Shore, I’ve recently realized that my musical taste borders on that of a teenager.  I’m pretty sure if I was actually 16 years old, I would totally be a Belieber.  Every time his songs come up on my iPod, I get in an instant good mood.

I’m quickly realizing that perhaps making friends at business school will be harder than I thought.  Note to self:  do NOT tell people that Avril’s new song is your new ‘pump up’ song when you run.  Or that you know all the words to Bieber’s “Baby” (not that there’s a lot of lyrical genius behind it).  Instead, please tell your new classmates about how you love Thao (which is true) and that you know all the words to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

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