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june, already?

1 Jun

Sorry, blog! I lied about posting once a week.  It’s totally June now, and I only posted once in May.   But, to be fair, I have been keeping track of items on both my 30 in 30 list and Cali list, so I think those interactions totally count. 

I’ve been attempting to take pictures of the food I’ve been making recently, but am quickly realizing that I am NOT a good food photographer.   My most recent food-related accomplishment is successfully making cake pops.  You know, little bites of joy that contain all the sugary, dessert goodness one needs, in one fell swoop. 

I’m not going to lie.  These were not easy to make.  I got the recipe and technique from Steamy Kitchen. I’m an avid follower of Jaden’s–her website and her food always look SO GOOD–and when she posted this a few months ago, I immediately added it to my “must try” list.  Continue reading



12 May

Dear Blog,

I’ve been awful, I know. I’ve neglected you for nearly a month now. A MONTH! Where did the time go? I have a bunch of excuses ready to explain my absence, but I totally understand if you don’t accept them. But, just in case you do–and, these are real, legit reasons, here!–here are a few reasons why I haven’t written:

  • In the past 6 weeks, I’ve been to Michigan, Seattle, and Washington DC.  And, sprinkled in there are weekends spent in San Francisco, weekends having friends over..  all this to say, I just haven’t been around.
  • Someone in our department left recently, so my workload got a little heavier.  After spending all day in front of a comp, sitting down to blog just isn’t super appealing (I’m sorry! I still think you’re pretty, though). 
  • I’ve been enjoying life.  Now that I know where I’m going, I feel like I can finally breathe.  All those friends I’ve put off seeing during the past 9 months are now a part of my regular rotation again; now, that I can actually make plans with folks instead of saying “Well, I don’t know.  It depends on xyz school.”  Looking at my calendar, I can see that August will be here before I know it, and I’ll be hitting the road with SH.  Totally crazy!

Ok, now that we’ve gotten some of awkwardness out-of-the-way–oh wait, I forgot to make my seemingly meaningless promise to blog more.   Here it is: I’ll blog more, I promise!  Once a week, at least.  It’ll happen.  

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coffee and wine

15 Apr

All I want to do is start my day with a gooood cup of coffee (a la Philz) and end it with a glass of Cab. That’s it.

Thank to all the drinking and unhealthy habits I’ve picked up during this whole admissions process (yes, I am choosing to blame the admissions process for this, and not my own lack of motivation), I’ve decided to do a two week detox.   My vanity, ego, and liver needs this detox.    So, after doing some ‘research’ online (research = google search), I found a detox/cleanse diet that I could actually see myself following for two weeks.  I mean, it’s called “A Food Lover’s Cleanse”.  Seriously. Continue reading

next steps

10 Mar

Now that some of the thrill of the acceptances have worn off, I’ve been thinking of all the things that will need to happen in the next few months that will prevent this summer from being a crazy, un-enjoyable mess.  It’s still a little surreal to think that I’ll be leaving this place, this state, that I’ve called home for the last 6 or so years.  I have two separate lists in my mind that need to get out–one, of all the things I’d like to do here before I leave and two, of all the things that I need to do to make this move possible.  I think mostly in list form–my days are filled with creating and crossing off items–and these next few months will be no different.

Cali Bucket List
Things that need to happen to make move possible
Eat at Chez Panisse Donate clothes
Go to the Exploratorium Figure out which furniture pieces are coming with
Wine Tasting/Bocce Ball day Become more diligent about eating food in cupboards
Korean BBQ Buffet Research cross-country moving companies
Plan an awesome going away party Figure out how to sell/donate car
Cal Academy after dark Start collecting boxes (last 4 weeks)
Start inventories of all items

Whew, even just starting this list makes me feel a little better.  Continue reading

blogging again | an introduction

14 Feb

And here is my first foray back into the blogosphere since the early 2000s–you know, back when people were using Xanga and Livejournal (and, yes, I do have accounts at both websites; and no, I won’t share them with you).   Back then, I was mostly blogging about relationships.  Now, as I  am older and infinitely wiser (okay, just older), I’d like to use this blog as a means to find balance in my life.

The past year has been full of its ups and downs, and I’ve lost a few steps along the way.  This is about finding my way back to where I was–financially, physically, and mentally (emotionally?).

So, to start, here are a few things that my blog will be about:

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