coffee and wine

15 Apr

All I want to do is start my day with a gooood cup of coffee (a la Philz) and end it with a glass of Cab. That’s it.

Thank to all the drinking and unhealthy habits I’ve picked up during this whole admissions process (yes, I am choosing to blame the admissions process for this, and not my own lack of motivation), I’ve decided to do a two week detox.   My vanity, ego, and liver needs this detox.    So, after doing some ‘research’ online (research = google search), I found a detox/cleanse diet that I could actually see myself following for two weeks.  I mean, it’s called “A Food Lover’s Cleanse”.  Seriously. So far, it’s been going pretty well.   I mean, I’ve always been more of a tea person anyways.  But, since I’ve become so restrictive in my diet (I’m also going gluten free during this time), all I think about is the foods I can’t eat.  This has resulted in me dreaming about food and other oddities.  The other night, I dreamed my dog was actually a frog.  Don’t ask.  And, when I pass by the bagel tray in our cafeteria, I swear it’s calling out my name.   I almost named my blog ‘bread and butter’–that’s how serious I am about it.  And the coffee?  I go on yelp all the time now to research good drip coffees that I can indulge in, in two weeks.

And to up the ante on my fitness plans, I’ve also started to write small post-it notes to myself in my planner.  If I make it to my spin class 4X in a week, I’ll get to go buy a bunch of stuff from Aveda.  5X = shopping at Anthropologie.  I’m on day 3 of waking up at 5AM to go to the gym, and I don’t know if it’s because Aveda is beckoning or if it’s the detox diet working, but it’s actually a lot easier for me to bounce out of bed at that hour.  Yes, I realize that afternoon workouts are an option, but I’d like to just get it out of the way.  There’s so much going on in the afternoons!  Happy hours, prime-time TV, self-initiated Scrabble tournaments against SH…  all of these are important and valid reasons to not go to the gym after work.  Hence, the early mornings.

In any case, I’ve timed my cleanse diet to end the day before I head up to Seattle to check out UW.  That’s right, Seattle!  I’ll be able to enjoy all of your delicious coffee, eat some yummy food, and drink wine!   I’m excited to see the school, sit in on a class, fall in love with the city, and make a very difficult decision.  But, that’s for another blog post.


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