1 Apr

1) To add to my guilty pleasure of watching the Jersey Shore, I’ve recently realized that my musical taste borders on that of a teenager.  I’m pretty sure if I was actually 16 years old, I would totally be a Belieber.  Every time his songs come up on my iPod, I get in an instant good mood.

I’m quickly realizing that perhaps making friends at business school will be harder than I thought.  Note to self:  do NOT tell people that Avril’s new song is your new ‘pump up’ song when you run.  Or that you know all the words to Bieber’s “Baby” (not that there’s a lot of lyrical genius behind it).  Instead, please tell your new classmates about how you love Thao (which is true) and that you know all the words to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

2) My fitness plans have hit a small obstacle in the form of my ankle.  So, last week, while taking D-rex on a walk, I fell and slightly twisted my ankle.  Even though there was a lot of cussin as I went down, I still managed to pick myself up and finish the walk.  I even went to a few spin classes later that week.  But, I may have been too presumptuous.  When I tried to go running this week (I know, stupid of me), I spent the rest of the day limping around the office.  My stubbornness may be at play here–part of me really thinks I can just ‘shake this off’ by exercising more.   I don’t think that’s the case.  I was so excited to get back on the fitness wagon, that I completely neglected my health.  I guess I’ll focus on eating better and perhaps using the elliptical machine for the next few weeks instead..

3) Speaking of nutrition, does a bag of popcorn count as a healthy meal?  Because, right now, I’m pretty sure that’s what I want for lunch.

4) Also, when I was going through the Ross binder the other day, it clicked in my head that I got admitted into freaking business school.  I’ve been so focused on my long-term goals–nonprofit management / education–and my essays mentioned all the interested elective classes that I’d love to take, I managed to block out the fact that there will be a lot of core business classes I’ll have to take.  When I saw the courses I’ll be taking in the fall, waves of panic went through my body.  Accounting? Stats?  Who do these people think I am?

Oh, that’s right:  a business school student.

Good thing I signed up for a few pre-MBA related quant courses.



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  1. Jeff Tibayan April 4, 2011 at 12:01 PM #

    1) See Stuff White People Like

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