grateful for

21 Mar

my sisters. seriously, so lucky to have family whom i love, love, love, and love spending time with.   Our weekly phone calls during my commute brighten up my day to no end.  it also makes you wonder about where we all were before cell phones were invented.

SH. I don’t say it enough, and probably don’t show it enough.  He is one of the strongest, most selfless people I know.  I am so blessed to have him in my life.  I know I’ve been a pain to live with the past few months; holing myself up to study and work on applications.  And, when I do interact with you, I pepper our conversations with my school stuff, assuming that it is, in fact, all about me.  It’s not.  Thank you for being that person who can a) listen thoughtfully to all of my musings and b) keep me grounded and not full of myself.

doogie.  as we were sitting in the stadium on Saturday night, soaking wet, I couldn’t help but think and reflect on our friendship–that, despite all the rain that was coming down, the fact that our clothes were soaking wet, we were laughing.

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